Big Thanks!

Love Intently would not exist with out the phenomenal community of people behind it. Below are a few extremely talented and generous humans who have helped make Love Intently what it is.

Trying to build something incredible? Work with them and tell them Love Intently sent you. 


Austin Center for Design | The program and community that empowered creation of Love Intently. 

Meg Mc Laughlin | The brilliant mind that co-created the idea of Love Intently. Interaction Designer + Illustrator.

Aaron Hulbert | Photographer, Videographer, Social Media Content Specialist.

Athena Grace | Photographer

Atlas Defay | Photographer, Videographer, Content Specialist

Eileen Marie | Wedding Photographer 

Kristin Kohlemeyer | Cinematographer, Editor, Writer, Storyteller

Melissa Huisman | Creative Director, Brand Consultant + Strategist 

Nina Ho| Product Marketer 

Stefanie Krach | Visual Storyteller, Social Media Content Creator + Curator, Event Producer, Relationship Builder

Victoria Liu | Wedding + Engagement Photographer