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When Opposite's Attract with Ashley and Brandon Hill

Brandon and Ashley Hill share their journey of getting out of debt (they ate red beans and rice for every meal...for way too long), career changes, pursuing their passions and being married to the opposite personality type.

They started as best friends first but slowly Ashley caught the feels for Brandon. She eventually told him through stick figure drawings but not wanting to ruin their friendship, Brandon expressed he wanted to stay friends first. He came around eventually and they got married young and they share how they grew together through their many career and life changes. Brandon Hill is a phenomenal storyteller, photographer, videographer, and thought leader. Ashley currently works at the Thinkery as School and Gallery Experience Manager.

This conversation is incredible, with lots of laughs, some tears, practicals, and heart. In part one, they share their story of meeting, giving each other tattoos, writing music together, and diving deep into the Enneagram and how it transformed how they understand each other and themselves. In part two, we talk about how they got out of debt, entrepreneurship, and how they’ve navigated their faith evolving.

If you typically attract the opposite personality type, this episode is for you - chock-full of good practicals they have learned through years of trial and error.

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Protecting your relationship through the things you consume

On this episode, Chad and Ameerah talk both heart and practicals on how they’ve supported each other’s careers. They share what they’re dreaming and working towards. Adding kids to the mix can make entrepreneurship tricky, but they share some practicals on how they make it work. They share how they create healthy boundaries to the content they protect their space and the things they consume. They both met through serving in the military but their love story is rooted in their deep genuine friendship. Talk about relationship goals.

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Impacts of Pornography on Intimacy and Relationships

Clay Olsen was on a date when he first met his wife. Captivated by her presence and beauty, he convinces a friend to hack the school system to get her number and email… and that’s just the beginning!

Clay Olsen is also the founder of Fight the New Drug, an organization devoted to educating our generation the impacts of pornography neurologically, emotionally, and globally.

Love Intently stands strongly against human trafficking and domestic violence systemically. 88% of the most popular scenes in porn has physical, aggression or verbal harm towards women. Join us as we discuss how porn is shaping the way we view women, love, and intimacy.

To Clay, Love is focus: giving people our time and attention and ultimately our focus.

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9 Year Age Gap and the Secret to Making a Difference, Get Weird With CJ + Kelly Casciotta

“I feel super, super blessed everyday that I married someone who is up for the adventure,” says CJ Casciotta of his wife Kelly. When CJ, speaker and author of Get Weird: Discover the Surprising Secret to Making a Difference, appeared on writer Kelly’s porch as the only stranger in a group of friends, they couldn’t possibly have foreseen the path that lay ahead of them. A year later, they found themselves on that very same porch as CJ proposed lifelong partnership. Since then, CJ and Kelly have been discovering and embracing their weird through the joys and hardships of marriage, entrepreneurship and parenthood.

Join us this week as CJ and Kelly share the fears of their early relationship, the bravery, faith and love that helped them overcome it and how discovering and utilizing your unique weird may just be the secret to becoming a better leader, partner and parent.

You can pre-order your copy of Get Weird: Discover the Surprising Secret to Making a Differenceat!  

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Live a Great Love Story with Kelly and Lou

As college wound down, the last thing Kelly and Lou thought they’d want is a relationship. Lou was moving to San Diego and six months later, Kelly decided to follow, moving in with him. Not long after that, they decided to break up as things got hard between them. Lou was a “frat bro” with drugs and partying until a life changing moment. Within four days he decided to quit his job to pursue a higher calling. People called Kelly frantically thinking he was going to end his life, and within 24 hours they found themselves engaged. You don’t want to miss their version of this.

Lou and Kelly have certainly had their fair share of nontraditional milestones. Join us this week as Lou and Kelly share their unique story, their advice for building the life you dream of, and their recipe for individual growth within a relationship.

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Taking Marriage in Tandem with Brad and Tami Miller
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Shruthi and Hank accidentally fell in love and soon realized it was the plan all along

After four years of partnership, Shruthi and Hank tied the knot and immediately moved to London where they began their married life together. The Parkers share with Sophie how their devotion to communication, harmony, and one another led to the realization of the life they’d imagined before they even met. They share honestly on the journey they have been on to create a thriving marriage and what millennial’s like to call, relationship goals.

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A Beautiful Story of Adoption, Dreamers, and Marriage with Heather and Aaron Hale

Heather and Aaron Hale are an inspirational couple - not only are they following their dreams as creatives (Heather is a designer, creative director at May Designs and Aaron is a musician, producer, actor, and more) - but they’ve also experienced the strenuous adoption process and are now raising two children. Though the path they took to get to where they are today wasn’t exactly a smooth one, they tackle their problems with a positive attitude and admirable openness - Heather kept a blog throughout the entire adoption process. They are truly relationship goals!

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Dr. Lisa Neff unpacks how relationship conflict affects your health

Ever wonder if getting in a fight with your partner impacts your physical health, and not just your mental health? Dr. Lisa Neff has the answer - it does! She has spent most of her career digging deep into couples, and how their relationships evolve over time, and the results are fascinating! Dr. Neff is also an adviser to Love Intently, and has helped us shape our program through her knowledge and research. She talks practical research based ways to achieve your relationship goals.

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