Lovespiration from Hanh + John Crose

pc: Victoria Liu 

pc: Victoria Liu 

Getting to know and share the Crose's stories was a honor for Love Intently. We loved hearing about their journey, everything from their 3 weddings to their 2 daughters. They are two people who have experienced great pain and suffering but they've transformed that pain in to grace for others. Their love for each other and their daughters is undeniably beautiful.

1. What is something you wish you knew when you first started dating or got married? 

Hanh Crose: When I started dating John, I wish it didn't take me a year and a half to believe that he was (is) a genuinely nice guy. You see, I was scarred from a previously failed marriage and meeting a bunch of bad guys. But, deep inside, I knew that fairy tales do exist.

John Crose: I wish I had known how much we really had in common. After our first date, I felt like we lacked mutual interest and hobbies in common. What I later came to find is that our mutual interest were below the surface and that the things that we liked, individually, we learned to love together. 

2. What is your favorite things about your partner?  

HC: My favorite things about John is that he is loving, kind, considerate, smart, handsome, and extremely talented. He can talk your ear off about politics, skiing, parks and mountains, cooking, and science. He can make the best organic, fresh salsa you've ever had, build you a new bathroom and kitchen, or help you deliver your baby (both daughters in our case). John is a renaissance man and my best friend! (Ladies: Kinda T.M.I., but he also turns me ON when he plays the guitar, sings and dances. Hawt! ;) ) More importantly, John is a wonderful family man.  He is an amazing father to our two daughters and gets along with my family. My siblings truly adore John and does not shy away from seeking positive guidance from him and having meaningful conversations together. John has a strong relationship with his parents, who have been married for 50 years, and checks in with them almost everyday. 

JC: My favorite thing about Hanh is how compassionate and open minded she is about everyone that she encounters, myself included.

3. What is something your partner does for you that makes you feel loved?  

HC: More like, what doesn't John do for me?  He's a wonderful life partner. For the past 11 years, we have been through incredible up's and down's. John has remained a constant, compassionate life partner and husband throughout.  He supported me through the adoption of my first dog as I had no pet experience.  He placed toothpaste on my toothbrush, almost everyday, when we shared a single bathroom sink.  He cooked, cleaned, and did the laundry, when we had our first child (and he still does to this day).

Nowadays, he packs our daughter's lunch and takes her to school, in the mornings, so that I can snooze longer with our newborn--even when he has a full workday ahead. He greets me with my favorite coffee or bubble tea whenever he comes home from work or surprises me at my workplace. He arranges mother-daughter mani/pedi appointments for extra bonding time and special occasions. And if anyone talks ill of me, behind my back, he defends me. (I know this because my family told me so!) 

JC: Hanh is very supportive me and all of my ambitions, regardless of how misguided they might be. "Hanh is the gas, and I am the brakes!" so to speak. She always encourages me to try and is supportive, even when I fail. I couldn't ask for a more perfect partner. We are very different people with different backgrounds, and I think that, for us, this difference is the key to opening doors to unique opportunities. 

4. What is something you wish you did more together?  

HC: I wish we could go on more hikes and fishing trips, play soccer, and attend more sports/music events like we used to, before we had two kids and busy work schedules. 

JC: I wished that we had more time for hiking. Hanh was completely inexperienced and never been before, so I planned a moderate five-mile hike in the North Cascades--when we first started dating.  We had such a good time that we ended up trekking through steep old growth forest to above timberline with crystal clear alpine lakes for 14 miles. I learned so much about her, during this time, and this experience helped me to understand that my superficial view of her was wildly inaccurate and that I had only scratched the surface of what there was to know about this amazing person.

5. What is a favorite memory you have with your partner?  

HC: John and I have plenty of favorite memories and outstanding moments that Hollywood can't even script. Our journey together, so far, has brought us to phenomenal places and introduced us to very cool peeps.   

Topping the list would be: 

#1 The first time I laid my eyes on John at a Seattle restaurant bar, after attending a failed singles event with my co-workers. He was hangin' out with his buddies and wearing a light cream/brown/orange plaid shirt.  His baby face glistened under the evening sun, and the heavens parted...seriously, Ladies!   

#2 The three epic weddings that we held in Hawaii, Mexico, and Seattle and our month-long honeymoon/babymoon in South Africa. You wouldn't believe me, if I told you what happened and why we had three weddings. Haha! 

#3 The birth of our two daughters. He was present and supportive throughout the pregnancies. John was my birthing coach, and I couldn't have delivered without him. He had me in a half nelson hold, during the first delivery. No joke. 

JC: There are two favorite memories and both involved the birth of each of our two daughters, Charlie and Colette. No words can describe the admiration and pride that I felt for my wife upon witnessing them being brought into this world.  


6. What characteristic of your partner do you admire in them?  

HC: John has many likeable characteristics that I admire and traits (or etiquette) that can't be learned, but naturally possessed. He comes from a strong family foundation with good and honest values in his DNA, which I lacked growing up in a broken family. I've witnessed a lot of powerful interactions that John has had with family and strangers. Like so many, I have been touched by his love, positive encouragement, friendship and sense of humor over the years. I am a much better human being because of him, and I want to reciprocate everything that he does for me. I pray that our daughters will grow up and possess our positive traits and strengths. 

JC: Hanh is spontaneous, fearless, and is not easily dissuaded. When she puts her mind to something, she is invincible and upon seeing the hurdles life has put in front of her, her spontaneity and determination are truly remarkable and inspiring. She puts herself out there and isn't afraid of what others might think or say. These qualities also make life really interesting, and there is never a dull moment.  

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