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A Redemptive Story of Overcoming Addiction, Entrepreneurship, and Love with Parham and Jen

Parham met Jen during grad school and were friends for quite a bit of time before they ever dated. Let’s just say he knew way before she did that he was going to marry her. Jen played a critical role in the growth of their company which enables them to be acquired eventually.

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Keeping Love Magical with Harris III and Kate

Harris and Kate, are most known through their work as illusionist, the Story conference and Istoria a collective of artists, producers, and storytellers who create and execute transformational experiences for some of the worlds biggest brands, including Chik-fil-a, Pinterest, International Justice Mission and the GRAMMY’s.

They fell in love as teens, when Harris was already a full time traveling illusionist. Since then, they have traveled to hundreds of cities, creating transformational experiences through magic. From the start of their marriage, they had to learn really quickly how to navigate traveling full time together, being a team in both life and work. They shared gems of knowledge of their previous seasons and how they are approaching the current season they transition their business for less travel and to allow for more time with their kids.

For more information on their incredible conference and community for creatives go to

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The Best Stories are Love Stories: Full Interviews with the Love a Great Story Couples

This month Love Intently had the joy of partnering with Live a Great Story on our Love a Great Story collaboration. We launched an epic #LOVEAGREATSTORY limited edition collection and got the privilege to share four incredible couple's stories. This episode we share our full interviews with each couple.

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What you don't see on Instagram with influencers Sarah and Hunter Lawrence

Contrary to popular belief, it has not been a quick journey to becoming full time content creators and story tellers. It took them almost five years of hard work and intentionally treating their business, like a business to go full time on The Lawrence House. Sarah and Hunter share the details of their journey of becoming full time story tellers in both domestic and international locations through photography, film, writing, and experience curation.

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Thriving in life and love with CJ and Erin Finley.

This week’s episode is with CJ and Erin Finley who also happens to be a part the love a great story collaboration in partnership with live a great story! Both CJ and Erin play many roles in the Austin Fitness and Entrepreneur community. They’re never shy to help, shout out, or champion anyone. Both engineers by trade turned into business, fitness and wellness enthusiasts and experts. They bring immense value to anyone they interact with.

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Getting the Love You Want with Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt

Harville Hendrix Ph.D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt Ph.D. are internationally-respected couple's therapists, educators, speakers, and New York Times bestselling authors. Together, they have written over 10 books with more than 4 million copies sold, including the timeless classic, Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples. In addition, Harville has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey television program 17 times. However, marriage—even for marriage experts—is never easy. They share insights from their own marriage as well as their best practice suggestions for other couples centered around imago, safe conversations, and zero negativity. This episode we go into the science behind how and why we choose the partners that we do. They share the Imago method and how we can have safe conversations which become healing rather than damaging. These two are world changers and movement makers. They are starting the movement of Safe Conversations through their Non-profit Relationship’s First in Dallas and have plans to expand to the rest of America and beyond. Any conversation with them is one worth listening to as their insight, expertise, and wisdom is not one to ignore.

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Providing for your family isn't just about money with Alora Rachelle and Ken Brown

Alora Rachelle Brown and Ken Brown met as kids and slowly became best friends. He first professed his love for her, and she freaked out leading to a summer of not talking. Luckily, that summer Alora realized she really liked Ken too.

Alora is a self-made top-rated wedding photographer in Michigan. She has a massive heart to see other people rise with her and to empower other women to step into their calling, whether it be a full-time mom, something else or both. She’s the kindest and truest overachiever you’ll ever meet.

Ken is an automotive engineer and an incredibly supportive husband and father. In this episode, he redefines what providing for your family as a man means, and it really struck home.

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Moving into a Secure attachment style from Anxious or Avoidant with Sophie Kwok and Annabelle Dura

On this week’s episode, our founder Sophie Kwok and Annabelle Dura share their journey of moving from an avoidant or anxious attachment style to a secure attachment style. Shortly after Sophie read the book Attached by Amir Levine, she shared it with Annabelle and it completely shifted how they approach love and relationships.  Curious about your attachment style? Take your quiz below to identify your attachments style or read more here.

Annabelle Evangeline is a Los Ángeles based writer and entrepreneur who believes that the key to unlocking life’s purpose is by living vulnerably, practicing creativity, and embracing community.

She is the author of into the darkness, a workbook for trauma survivors created from her own experience with mental health and sexual trauma. Since then, she has been passionate about creating tangible worksheets, experiences and tools to heal through hardship and live a purposeful life.

Since reading the book, Annabelle has entered a relationship with a secure partner and she shares her experience thus far. Sophie and Annabelle discuss how digging into their attachment styles brought greater healing, self-awareness, and healthier relationships in their life.

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When Opposite's Attract with Ashley and Brandon Hill

Brandon and Ashley Hill share their journey of getting out of debt (they ate red beans and rice for every meal...for way too long), career changes, pursuing their passions and being married to the opposite personality type.

They started as best friends first but slowly Ashley caught the feels for Brandon. She eventually told him through stick figure drawings but not wanting to ruin their friendship, Brandon expressed he wanted to stay friends first. He came around eventually and they got married young and they share how they grew together through their many career and life changes. Brandon Hill is a phenomenal storyteller, photographer, videographer, and thought leader. Ashley currently works at the Thinkery as School and Gallery Experience Manager.

This conversation is incredible, with lots of laughs, some tears, practicals, and heart. In part one, they share their story of meeting, giving each other tattoos, writing music together, and diving deep into the Enneagram and how it transformed how they understand each other and themselves. In part two, we talk about how they got out of debt, entrepreneurship, and how they’ve navigated their faith evolving.

If you typically attract the opposite personality type, this episode is for you - chock-full of good practicals they have learned through years of trial and error.

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