How does Love Intently work?

After you sign up, it's simple.
We get to know you, we send you lovenotes, and we help you translate. 

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We get to know you. 

After you've signed up for Love Intently, we'll have you take a fun short quiz and answer a few of questions for us to get to know you. We identify how you and your partner give love and receive love, paired with your personal data and personal interest, forming your Love Personalities™.



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We listen to you. 

You can text us anytime to let us know how it's going. It's not that your partner doesn't care it's that everyday obligations make it easy to overlook the little things. We'll give them a gentle nudge so you don't have to :)  


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We send you lovenotes. 

Based on your Love Personality, we create curated suggestions specific to your relationship to empower you to excel at loving each other.