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Hi There!

I'm Sophie Kwok, the Co-Founder of Love Intently. I am the Chief Love Enthusiast passionate about empowering people to build the strong and deep relationships they desire. In a world of big engagements and comparison, Love Intently stands to remind us love doesn't need to be a production. The everyday little mundane things in life matter most. Whether it's a parent-child relationship or a romantic one, start small. 

Love Intently didn’t start with a romantic partner, but with my parents. I had a rocky relationship with my parents growing up, and in learning to connect with them I realized that our disagreements didn’t stem from a lack of love but a lack of understanding. I stumbled upon frameworks and relationship science and decided to apply the framework to my life. By better understanding how people give and receive love differently, it radically strengthened my relationship with my parents. Although, there was a lot of trial-and-error, I came to see any relationship could benefit from intentional acts of love. The journey with my parents inspired me to help others strengthen their relationships too – paving the way for Love Intently. 

There are tons of apps to help us start relationships but very few that empower us to stay in them. We aim to empower love in our lives daily. 

Now enough about me, share your love stories with me at or by using #loveintently!