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Personalized relationship advice via texts to empower you to achieve your relationship goals


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How Love Intently Works

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What Couples Are Saying:

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"I loved the spontaneity of the suggestions and the reminders made it even more convenient with our work schedules."

- Adrianna

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"Love Intently is a breath of fresh air each day. No matter how hectic or busy I am, the message reminds me how happy I am with Mel and prompts me to do something special for her."

- Ben

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"You always want to do something nice for the other person you just don't know what to do so it's nice getting ideas and reminders."

- Hallie

Who is Love Intently For?

Love Intently is a proactive approach towards love for any couple seeking build on their relationship. Rather than waiting for crisis to hit, we are for couples who want to be their best selves today and every day. Just like staying healthy requires consistently choosing to stay active and eat well, love is no different. There are tons of frameworks to keep relationships strong, but the information fades over time. We remind you day to day.

We aren't counseling, we believe in counseling, and we won't ever replace counseling. Relationships are the most important part of our lives, we empower people to invest in theirs daily!