A Redemptive Story of Overcoming Addiction, Entrepreneurship, and Love with Parham and Jen

Parham met Jen during grad school and were friends for quite a bit of time before they ever dated. Let’s just say he knew way before she did that he was going to marry her. Jen played a critical role in the growth of their company which enables them to be acquired eventually.

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Keeping Love Magical with Harris III and Kate

Harris and Kate, are most known through their work as illusionist, the Story conference and Istoria a collective of artists, producers, and storytellers who create and execute transformational experiences for some of the worlds biggest brands, including Chik-fil-a, Pinterest, International Justice Mission and the GRAMMY’s.

They fell in love as teens, when Harris was already a full time traveling illusionist. Since then, they have traveled to hundreds of cities, creating transformational experiences through magic. From the start of their marriage, they had to learn really quickly how to navigate traveling full time together, being a team in both life and work. They shared gems of knowledge of their previous seasons and how they are approaching the current season they transition their business for less travel and to allow for more time with their kids.

For more information on their incredible conference and community for creatives go to storygatherings.com

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How We Survived Long Distance Dating

I refused to admit he was my boyfriend until he drove 11 hours in the middle of the night and surprised me in my Journalism 101 class with cake and a goofy tie.

I also refused to date anyone, let alone someone long distance, but there I was mailing a flat rate box in the bottom of my school union to my “boyfriend” who lived 11 hours away. We mailed the same exact box back in forth to each other for a year. The final time it made a trek through Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida, the post office attendant scolded me for bringing such a shambly box to her. I begged for her to send it just one last time, she obliged as she wrapped the entire thing in tape and said, “This is the final journey.”

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The Best Stories are Love Stories: Full Interviews with the Love a Great Story Couples

This month Love Intently had the joy of partnering with Live a Great Story on our Love a Great Story collaboration. We launched an epic #LOVEAGREATSTORY limited edition collection and got the privilege to share four incredible couple's stories. This episode we share our full interviews with each couple.

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Fostering True Love and Tru Fusion Together with Jeremy and Morgan

Jeremy and Morgan jumped right in with each other going from friendship to buying a house pretty quickly. The next step they wanted to take together was getting married. Jeremy was about to turn 30, so naturally, Morgan scheme’s to plan him a surprise birthday party. Little does she know, Jeremy had an insider give him the inside scoop, so he flipped the script and made it secretly their engagement party.

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What does Love a Great Story mean to you?
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Online dating sucks until it doesn't with Brett + BT Harman

BT and Brett were "late bloomers" in the dating game. BT and Brett grew up knowing they were attracted to the same sex at a very young age. However, coming from a conservative Christian background, they believed their whole life that they would never have the opportunity to be married. On this episode, they share their journey to swiping right on each other (on Tinder) to where they are now.

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When keeping it light and casual grows into a great love story

Taylor says she knew the moment she saw him they would date…. but found each other on what most people would consider a bad timing as they both just got out of long term relationships and wasn’t looking to get into anything else serious…. but they also had an undeniable connection they couldn’t ignore. For the first 8 months of their relationship, when people would ask about their relationship, they would respond with saying they were keeping things “light and casual.”

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What you don't see on Instagram with influencers Sarah and Hunter Lawrence

Contrary to popular belief, it has not been a quick journey to becoming full time content creators and story tellers. It took them almost five years of hard work and intentionally treating their business, like a business to go full time on The Lawrence House. Sarah and Hunter share the details of their journey of becoming full time story tellers in both domestic and international locations through photography, film, writing, and experience curation.

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