Surviving Long Distance and Immigration, True Lovespiration from Brittany and Matty

Of all of the love stories our team has heard Brittany and Matty’s is definitely one that stands out. Picture this, Australian hottie (her words not ours) spots beautiful Texan in a mutual friends party pictures. Decides he needs to meet her, the day he flys in from Australia in she is leaving the next day to move to Austin. They go on their first date the morning she leaves NYC....and well you'll just have to read on to see what they have to say. They eliminate any excuse as to why a couple can't figure it out if they truly want to make their love work. Both Brittany and Matty not only share their love with one another, but they also are both passionate about doing things they love. They strive to inspire, create and always share all of their delights with others.

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