Building a Relationship, Business, and Career you Love, Together with Jen and Jonathan Lewis

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On this episode, Jen and Jonathan Lewis share how they make both work and love work! They just had their first baby girl, who is the most precious sweet angel. They are frank with the evolution of their relationship as they have pursued making an impact and entrepreneurship. They have the relationship they have and do the work they love because... they have because they’ve worked on it not because it just came to them quickly. That’s what we find to be most true, it isn’t just happily ever after. It's let’s choose to make this happily ever after every day, which they do and their wisdom nuggets of "how" and approach thus far.

Jen is the founder of Purse & Clutch a socially conscious handbag brand working to break the cycle of poverty by connecting you to talented artisans in Guatemala, Mexico & Ethiopia. Their mission is to help support sustainable, long-term employment for men & women with limited opportunities. They know the names of the men & the women who are making their handbags. Their commitment to ethical fashion starts at the very beginning of the process & ends with you carrying the most beautiful bag in the room.

Jonathan is the director at ThinkTiv, he also teaches at Austin Center for Design, where Sophie went to graduate school and also where Love Intently was birthed. Go back to episode one for all the details about that.

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