Moving into a Secure attachment style from Anxious or Avoidant with Sophie Kwok and Annabelle Dura

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On this week’s episode, our founder Sophie Kwok and Annabelle Dura share their journey of moving from an avoidant or anxious attachment style to a secure attachment style. Shortly after Sophie read the book Attached by Amir Levine, she shared it with Annabelle and it completely shifted how they approach love and relationships.  Curious about your attachment style? Take your quiz below to identify your attachments style or read more here.

Annabelle Evangeline is a Los Ángeles based writer and entrepreneur who believes that the key to unlocking life’s purpose is by living vulnerably, practicing creativity, and embracing community.

She is the author of into the darkness, a workbook for trauma survivors created from her own experience with mental health and sexual trauma. Since then, she has been passionate about creating tangible worksheets, experiences and tools to heal through hardship and live a purposeful life.

Since reading the book, Annabelle has entered a relationship with a secure partner and she shares her experience thus far. Sophie and Annabelle discuss how digging into their attachment styles brought greater healing, self-awareness, and healthier relationships in their life.



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