A Redemptive Story of Overcoming Addiction, Entrepreneurship, and Love with Parham and Jen

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Parham met Jen during grad school and were friends for quite a bit of time before they ever dated. Let’s just say he knew way before she did that he was going to marry her. Jen played a critical role in the growth of their company which enables them to be acquired eventually.

Parham is a seasoned entrepreneur and author of perfect pain, Where he shares his journey of pursuing the American dream. After fleeing Iran as a child, he had built the perfect life for himself: a multi-million-dollar business, his dream home, a loving wife, and three beautiful children all while nursing a secret $2000 cocaine addiction.

Eventually, his wife finds out, and Parham commits to seeking help. What follows is the hopeful memoir of a man searching to find his most authentic self. Perfect Pain is the story of becoming reacquainted with yourself when your childhood is smeared by trauma, of being willing to open the darkest doors and look inside, of the joy that comes when you recognize that nothing was enough, but you are enough.

On this episode, Parham discusses his journey of overcoming his cocaine addiction, depression, and recovery all while being a successful entrepreneur and father. Jen shares her side of the story of keeping a multi-million dollar business afloat while raising their beautiful children and supporting Parham through his recovery journey.


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