Providing for your family isn't just about money with Alora Rachelle and Ken Brown

Top Rated Photographer Alora Rachelle and her husband talk about her journey of building her business from the ground up and redefining what it means to provide for your family as a man. Hint: It’s not just monetary.

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Alora Rachelle Brown and Ken Brown met as kids and slowly became best friends. He first professed his love for her, and she freaked out leading to a summer of not talking. Luckily, that summer Alora realized she really liked Ken too.

Alora is a self-made top-rated wedding photographer in Michigan. She has a massive heart to see other people rise with her and to empower other women to step into their calling, whether it be a full-time mom, something else or both. She’s the kindest and truest overachiever you’ll ever meet.

Ken is an automotive engineer and an incredibly supportive husband and father. In this episode, he redefines what providing for your family as a man means, and it really struck home.

We’ve talked about the enneagram quite a bit on this episode, if you don’t know what that is, go back and listen to the episode with Brandon and Ashley Hill, we go way more into depth there. For those of you that do know, Alora is a 3w2, and Ken is a 5, and if you know what that means it totally shows in this episode.