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Busting the Common Fairytales that Hold us Back from Finding our Soulmates with Dating Expert Crista Beck [Podcast]

Crista Beck, The Love Radar, is a dating expert based in Austin, Texas, who teaches single people who are seeking a healthy and long-term relationship how to attract quality dating partners, increase their confidence, and take the actions necessary to have the love they deeply desire. She is regarded by her clients as a “romantic healer” due to her holistic and conscious approach to finding a meaningful relationship in the era of hookup culture and online dating.

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The Power of Expressing your Needs to your Partner with Kristen and Jeff Hartnagel [Podcast]

Kristen and Jeff are like peanut butter and jelly, they compliment each other so well. Maybe we should call them Kristen and Jiff? But things weren’t always perfect in their marriage. Have you ever wondered if your spouse is having an affair? It’s time to start being more intentional about communicating your wants and needs to your partner, before it’s too late. Kristen is very outspoken and takes the lead in answering our questions and Jeff has a quiet strength that you’ll see has led Kristen to many personal breakthroughs.

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Building Emotional Intimacy with your Partner (without sex) with Rory and AJ Vaden

In this week’s episode number 37, we welcome Rory and AJ Vaden. The Vadens co-founded The Brand Builders Group, a personal brand strategy firm where they love to work with individual entrepreneurs and influencers to help them build a rock solid reputation™, connect with their audience and expand their reach.

AJ Vaden is an international speaker, million-dollar producer and co-host of the Rich, Famous, and Influential Podcast. She was part of launching and building a very successful 8- figure coaching and consulting business and has worked with organizations such as Bridgestone, Verizon Cellular Sales and DIRECTV.

Rory Vaden is the New York Times bestselling author of Take the Stairs. As the world’s leading expert in Reputation Design, his insights have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, Entrepreneur, Inc, on Fox News national television and in several other major media outlets. As a world-renowned speaker, His Tedx talk has been viewed over 2 million times, he is a 2x World Champion of Public Speaking Finalist and he was recently named as one of the top 100 leadership speakers in the world by Inc Magazine.

While other married couples say they could never work with their spouse—the Vadens say, we’re best friends, why WOULDN’T we? I’m so happy they came on to share their best secrets with us on how to have a happy marriage and work life.

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How Far is Too Far? Long Distance Love with Brooke and James Hamilton

How did a girl from Michigan and a guy from New Zealand end up happily married? Find out in episode number 36 of the Love Intently Podcast!

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Making Seats at the Table: A Story of Hope and Love with Bree and Carlos

Many of our Love Intently couples’ stories begin in adolescence, and we love our high school sweetheart couples, but Bree and Carlos bring a whole new love story to the table--the farmhouse kitchen table, to be exact! Our latest guest couple moved in together after only two weeks of knowing each other. Yes, two weeks! Neither of them had much physical baggage, but both had plenty of emotional baggage that they slowly unpacked over the past ten years. Bree and Carlos take us on their journey from two shots at a sports bar, to having nothing but a few bags of clothes, all the way to building a successful family-run lifestyle brand and interior design business, where their priority is to empower others and bring families together through design and style.

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DiscoveringWE with Tiffany and Joseph Kong

Tiffany and Joseph Kong are a true model of married couple #relationshipgoals for so many people. Together they create content and resources to help thousands of other couples through their marriage journeys, available on their blog, Discovering We. What started out as a private way for Tiffany to document her learnings and growth on her own marriage journey, turned into an amazing resource for young married couples who are feeling stuck, looking to connect, and need practical tips to deepen their marriage.

Head to their website to check out the Organized Wife Binder Bundle, a downloadable PDF with 14 different templates to help you stay organized and intentional in your life and marriage. Included are templates for things like date nights, vacation planning, financial planning, meal planning, and more.

In this episode of Love Intently, you will get to hear in detail the journey of growth for a couple who was long distance for five years, who describe themselves as total opposites, and who went through the heartbreak of a miscarriage.

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How We Survived Long Distance Dating

I refused to admit he was my boyfriend until he drove 11 hours in the middle of the night and surprised me in my Journalism 101 class with cake and a goofy tie.

I also refused to date anyone, let alone someone long distance, but there I was mailing a flat rate box in the bottom of my school union to my “boyfriend” who lived 11 hours away. We mailed the same exact box back in forth to each other for a year. The final time it made a trek through Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida, the post office attendant scolded me for bringing such a shambly box to her. I begged for her to send it just one last time, she obliged as she wrapped the entire thing in tape and said, “This is the final journey.”

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Fostering True Love and Tru Fusion Together with Jeremy and Morgan

Jeremy and Morgan jumped right in with each other going from friendship to buying a house pretty quickly. The next step they wanted to take together was getting married. Jeremy was about to turn 30, so naturally, Morgan scheme’s to plan him a surprise birthday party. Little does she know, Jeremy had an insider give him the inside scoop, so he flipped the script and made it secretly their engagement party.

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Online dating sucks until it doesn't with Brett + BT Harman

BT and Brett were "late bloomers" in the dating game. BT and Brett grew up knowing they were attracted to the same sex at a very young age. However, coming from a conservative Christian background, they believed their whole life that they would never have the opportunity to be married. On this episode, they share their journey to swiping right on each other (on Tinder) to where they are now.

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