Making Seats at the Table: A Story of Hope and Love with Bree and Carlos


Many of our Love Intently couples’ stories begin in adolescence, and we love our high school sweetheart couples, but Bree and Carlos bring a whole new love story to the table--the farmhouse kitchen table, to be exact! Our latest guest couple moved in together after only two weeks of knowing each other. Yes, two weeks! Neither of them had much physical baggage, but both had plenty of emotional baggage that they slowly unpacked over the past ten years. Bree and Carlos take us on their journey from two shots at a sports bar, to having nothing but a few bags of clothes, all the way to building a successful family-run lifestyle brand and interior design business, where their priority is to empower others and bring families together through design and style.

In this episode, Sophie, Bree and Carlos discuss:

How they each knew after only two weeks of knowing each other that this one was different

“We really confided in each other- it was such a safe haven for both of us” -Bree


How they went from having nothing but their clothes and an air mattress to having a beautiful family and successful businesses

“When we first got together, we didn’t have anything at all. We built everything that we have as one, with each other." -Carlos

The inspiration and purpose behind their family lifestyle brand and design business

“We want to give everybody opportunities that we never had. Everything we do with our brands and our business, that’s always the forefront” -Bree

The hard season of their marriage that arose as a result of skipping the dating phase and how they got through it

“We ended up going to counseling. There was a lot of stuff. We couldn’t hear each other because we didn’t talk about things. We started from scratch.” - Bree

Why it’s important to fall in love with you first and know who you are

“Learning how to love yourself and knowing who you are is a big thing. You can’t love somebody if you don’t love yourself.” -Carlos

Advice for married couples in business together

"If you promise each other you’re not going to go to bed angry at each other, it’s going to be a better day the next day.” -Carlos