From Strangers to Seoul Mates with Teresa Kwon

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“How did I speak for 8 hours to a guy I didn’t have anything in common with?” -Teresa

Teresa Kwon, a Korean-American from Texas describes her life as a “Korean drama” and we can see why! In this episode we dive into her gripping tale of how she came to marry her husband. Believe us, your jaw will drop multiple times. Especially if you are not familiar with Asian cultures and customs. From the way they met, to their first date that started out painfully awkward and ended up lasting until 6am, the meeting of the parents, the break-up, the getting back together, all the way to the end, you will be hanging on to every word she says to hear what happens next.


“His mother threatened him with disownment if he ever saw me again. He didn’t tell me that for a long time, he just said ‘It’s not going to work.” -Teresa

Not only is this episode about Teresa’s thrilling love story, but we also go deep into the motivation behind her thriving online consulting and coaching business, Daringly Great Leadership. After years in the start-up world, she became aware of the toxic habits people often develop when there’s so much pressure to make a profit. They lose themselves and they lose touch with their families.

“One of the things I really admire about online entrepreneurs is there’s still this fierce ‘my family comes first’. I think that’s what’s missing in the start-up realm.” -Teresa

Teresa wanted to live in a world where she TRULY has a work-life balance, where it’s not all about profit, and where teams build real bonds and not just transactional relationships. She wanted to work with others who share these same values. So, she took her love of leadership development and combined it with her 25 years of working with top tech startups to coach online entrepreneurs on becoming transformative leaders and building dream teams to scale their businesses. Right now she’s offering her free “Ultimate Dream Team Hiring Roadmap” which gives the exact steps to identify, attract, and hire dream team members and repel the ones you don’t want.

“I think it’s really about seeing people as an investment and not an expense.” -Teresa

In this episode, learn how Teresa knew she wanted to marry her husband despite a very awkward first impression, Teresa’s advice on the best way to know if someone is a good fit to be your life partner, how she got through a deep depression during a breakup period, how she stays grounded as a busy consulting business founder, and insightful relationship and team building advice.



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