Going into Business as an Interracial Couple: Founders of Prep To Your Door

Heather and Faiez founded Prep To Your Door, an Austin, Texas based organic prepared meal delivery service.

Heather and Faiez founded Prep To Your Door, an Austin, Texas based organic prepared meal delivery service.

This week’s guest couple on the Love Intently podcast is Heather and Faiez, co-founders of Prep To Your Door, a local, organic and responsible meal prep delivery service based in Austin, TX. This episode of Love Intently is as densely packed with honesty and thoughtful relationship advice as their meals are packed with nutrients. The seeds of their love story were planted during one summer at Harvard University, where they worked on a group project together. Their love and admiration for each other grew and eventually they came back to their roots in Texas with tons of fresh, organic ideas to bring from the farm to the table. Listen in to hear their raw emotions on being an interracial couple, overcoming addiction, and the difficult conversations that must be had when your business partner is also your life partner. I think that’s all the puns I can fit in one introductory paragraph!

In this episode, Sophie, Heather and Faiez discuss:

How they knew they were right for each other from a moment of silence on a park bench

“We were just sitting in silence...it was a very special moment, the energy was very special.” - Faiez

The journey of how Prep To Your Door came to be

“When we met, I was a big time meat eater, and she was vegetarian. One of the things I did to try and impress her was go vegetarian for ten days...and I ended up really liking it.” - Faiez

How the couple overcame Faiez’s overuse of weed as a coping mechanism for stress and anxiety

“In some ways it’s really tested our relationship and in some ways it’s really strengthened our relationship.” - Heather

Lessons they learned from being an interracial couple

“We had an alarm go off in our kitchen and I’ve seen a cop approach him, and when I walk up everything’s ok. That was a really hard journey for me because I felt guilt about it.” -Heather

Wise motherly advice on how to pick your life partner

“When the sex appeal is gone...the only thing you have with your partner is conversation.” -Heather



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