Stronger Communities Start with Stronger Couples with Kaymon and Edith Farmer


Listen with caution: This podcast is packed with so much motivation and lessons for entrepreneurship-prone couples, your entrepreneurial spirit may be awakened and you will truly believe you can do anything together. You’ve been warned.

Three-time college football record breaker, entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker Kaymon Farmer always had a knack for motivating others to be the best version of themselves and to bring communities and people together. What he didn’t have so much experience in was being in a committed relationship:

“I was crying in the shower that was showing me how tough it really is to be in a relationship, be able to trust someone, be able to love someone, and just continue on. We had to grow up really fast and stick to our commitment.” -Kaymon

Edith Farmer never had trouble communicating what she needs in a relationship. After seeing Kaymon mature over several years, she decided to take a chance on him. But she wasn’t prepared for how much her trust would be tested due to dating someone who is often in the limelight of the college football world and crushed on by many women.

“That was probably one of the worst things that happened in our first I didn’t handle it that well, but I knew I had to change my ways to where I knew if I wanted things to work out I had to adjust myself.” -Edith


The now happily married couple is so grateful that she took the chance, and so are the many other couples whose marriages have been enhanced thanks to Kaymon and Edith’s joint venture, Double Amor.

Double Amor is a social platform that connects married couples who want to strengthen their marriages by surrounding themselves with other strong married couples, leading to stronger families, and ultimately stronger communities around the world.

In this episode of the Love Intently podcast, Kaymon and Edith uncover what it takes to become your greatest self (hint: you’ve got work to do, but it’s worth it!), share intimate moments where they grew together as a couple, and provide invaluable advice for couples who are thinking about going into business together. Everything these two amazing people do is about giving value to others and giving love back to those who support them.

“I feel like we overcame a lot. We handled it. And we never broke.” -Kaymon


Kaymon's book, #AnotherDayofGREATNESS