Fostering True Love and Tru Fusion Together with Jeremy and Morgan

Jeremy and Morgan went from friendship to buying a house pretty quickly. The next step they wanted to take together was getting married. Jeremy was about to turn 30, so naturally, Morgan schemed to plan him a surprise birthday party. Little did she know, Jeremy got the inside scoop, and he flipped the script and secretly planned their engagement party.

Morgan + Jeremy.png

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One of their dreams as a couple was to open up a franchise, but it was a matter of finding the right one. On their honeymoon, they were in Vegas and experienced Tru Fusion for the first time. They immediately fell in love and decided they were going to move across the country to Austin, Texas to open their first gym together.

Since then it’s been a wild ride, but the two became cherished members of the Austin Fitness community. They are only a couple weeks away from opening up their first location, and they are offering free weekend workouts until they do!

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