Thriving in life and love with CJ and Erin Finley.

When tragedy brings you closer

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This week’s episode is with CJ and Erin Finley who also happens to be a part the love a great story collaboration in partnership with live a great story! Both CJ and Erin play many roles in the Austin Fitness and Entrepreneur community. They’re never shy to help, shout out, or champion anyone. Both engineers by trade turned into business, fitness and wellness enthusiasts and experts. They bring immense value to anyone they interact with.

CJ and Erin have the love story that romcoms are made of. CJ first asked her to be his girlfriend when they were ten… and not long after Erin broke up with him over aim. Despite the breakup, they remained close friends but, in CJ’s eyes, she was always the girl that got away.

They eventually went their separate ways to college and Erin got her first job thousands of miles away, in Houston, Texas. Despite the distance, they managed to keep in touch.

Unfortunately, tragedy hit her family and, she lost her father suddenly.

CJ reached out and supported her the best that he could through the devastating time.

At the same time, CJ was working in NYC and miserable, his friends asked him if he could have anything in the world or do anything, what would it be?


He said “There’s this girl in Texas…” and next thing you know, he booked a flight to go see her.

Needless to say, the trip went super well. There was even a moment when CJ took a snap of her saying he wished he could marry her

After a few moves across the country and the state of Texas, they are now happily in Austin, TX as critical parts of the community. They get behind everyone they can with their heart, words, and actions.

Beyond their story of how they ended up together, these two share immense practical knowledge on how they thrive in love and in life together despite how much they have going on.

They’re honest with where they started to where they are now. They have very different personality types but have learned how to leverage each others strengths for the better!

Their passion for fitness and wellness stems from autoimmune diseases they’ve both had to continue to work through. They share what’s worked for them and how they’ve supported each other despite seasons of having more questions than answers when it comes to their health.



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