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Podcast Episode 7 with Joanna and Nolan Waterfall

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On this episode, Joanna and Nolan share the origin of their hustle, taking initiative to create the spaces you want to see, and how they intentionally make their love work. The Waterfall’s unique blend of empowering bravery and practical solutions give us insight on the sustenance for a busy and actualized personal and professional life!

Joanna Waterfall, the founder of the Yellow Conference, a gathering for creative, entrepreneurial minded women to be equipped, inspired, and connected for the greater good. She lives in the Los Angeles area with her hubs and cat, loves coffee, and sometimes goes days without washing her hair.

Nolan Waterfall, a licensed insurance broker who works on behalf of smaller companies to form coverage coalitions, providing better coverage to small businesses.

This creative and impact driven couple have made a tremendous difference on thousands of people. They share the in’s and out’s of how they’ve made it work. Joanna and Nolan have been supporting each other as spouses and business owners for seven years of love, lessons, and some serious leaps of faith.

You can find the Waterfalls at @joannawaterfall and @nolanwaterfall on Instagram. Keep in the loop and look out for information about the upcoming Yellow Conference at

In this Podcast, Sophie, Joanna and Nolan discuss:

  • The empowering origin story of Joanna and Nolan’s freelance careers

  • The founding story of Yellow Co and Nolan’s new venture.

  • Methods of sustaining yourself and your relationship as you navigate the financial and personal pressure of starting a business.

  • Foundational practices for effective communication with your partner

  • Guiding principles and philosophies to help you stay balanced in work and love

  • Their personal definitions of love and support

Joanna and Nolan on their wedding day

Joanna and Nolan on their wedding day


Time Stamps:

Nolan and Joanna Waterfall in Vietnam

Nolan and Joanna Waterfall in Vietnam

1:00 - Introductions

5:08 - “How We Met”

9:45 - An unconventional first date!

11:44 - Story Time: The first time Joanna told Nolan about her dreams of entrepreneurship!

17:30 - The Waterfalls share what helps them stay connected during stressful seasons.

31:00 - Nolan and Joanna share what they wish (and don’t wish) they’d known when they began pursuing their marriage and their business.

37:00 - Nolan and Joanna pass on the routines and practices that form the bedrock of their communication methods.

45:00 - Joanna and Nolan discuss how they navigate financial pressure and the magic of calendar invites!

52:00 - Joanna and Nolan let us in on some guiding principles they follow to keep balanced.

1:00 - The Waterfalls tell us about the best relationship advice they’ve received.

1:05 - What Love Intently means to Joanna and Nolan