Pursuing Both Dreams and Overcoming Depression, Almost Losing a Child, and Creating a Thriving Marriage

Podcast Episode 6 with Ashley and Dan Behnke 

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Ashley and Dan Behnke are the very definition of a power couple. Ashley is the CEO of SpotLoc8r, while Dan is a non-profit founder and current college volleyball coach. All while raising two beautiful children! Their relationship blossomed from a combination of business and volleyball, and they’ve been going strong ever since, working together to achieve both their marriage and business goals. Though they’ve had some obstacles thrown their way, they handle it all with grace and the best sense of humor.

Join us as we discuss a huge range of topics - everything from tackling what comes with being in an interracial relationship to handling depression as a team to being supportive when one member of the relationship is an entrepreneur.

In this podcast, Sophie, Ashley and Dan discuss…

  • Growing a romantic relationship from a business and platonic relationship.

  • The importance of discussing dealbreakers early on in - or even before - a relationship.

  • How having children changed their relationship, and how a difficult childbirth brought them closer together.

  • Habits that have kept them close through difficult times.

  • How counselling before and during their marriage helped keep them strong.

  • Being in a relationship with an entrepreneur, and how to trust and be supportive when things aren’t necessarily going as planned.

  • The challenges of being in an interracial relationship - in Texas.





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1:00 - Introductions

9:00 - How to discuss and deal with relationship non-negotiables

13:00 - How having kids changed Ashley and Dan’s life and relationship

20:00 - Things that kept Dan and Ashley close throughout their relationship

31:00 - Advice for couples where one partner is an entrepreneur

35:40 - Advice for couples at a tough point in their relationship

42:30 - Discussion of interracial marriage and relationships

45:50 - The best relationship advice Ashley and Dan have heard

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