Love Intently's Founder Story with Sophie Kwok

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In this episode, Love Intently’s Founder and CEO shares her founding story. A Texas native, and the first American-born child in her family, Sophie began her personal journey with a sincere desire to rebuild her relationship with her parents. In learning to connect with them, she realized the disagreements didn’t stem from a lack of love, but a lack of understanding. She stumbled upon frameworks and relationship science, she decided to apply it to her life. By better understanding how people give, receive, and communicate love differently, it transformed her relationship with her parents. Although there was a lot of trial-and-error, she came to see any relationship could benefit from intentional acts of love. The journey with her parents inspired her to empower others to strengthen their relationships too - paving the way for Love Intently.

Sophie shares how she pivoted her career from working as Interior Design to interaction design to where she is today. For the inaugural episode, Sophie is interviewed by Brandon Hill from @howdybrandon. Learn all about where Love Intently came from and where it’s going next!

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In this podcast, Sophie discusses…

  • Her background and perspective on relationships, romantic and non-romantic

  • The roots and journey of Love Intently, starting with a grad school project and a heart-to-heart with her parents.

  • Why Love Intently exists, and who should join.

  • The science behind Love Intently.


  • “I believe that personality frameworks are more of a map, and less of a GPS that directs your every step.” -Sophie Kwok

  • “It was like training for a marathon only to realize that I really hated running.” -Sophie Kwok

  • “What if we could take a proactive approach towards love?” -Sophie Kwok

  • “When it comes to relationships, nobody expects you to be perfect, they just want you to keep trying.” -Sophie Kwok

  • "It's not enough to love, we must choose to show it daily." - Sophie Kwok

  • "Everyone wants thriving relationships, but how to do so isn't so easy." - Sophie Kwok

  • "People go to medical school to become a doctor, architecture school to become an architect, but when it comes to relationships, we're supposed to just wake up and be great at it?!" - Sophie Kwok 

  • "I believe the next wave of transformational technology will create quality connections not just quantity." - Sophie Kwok 


1:00 - Sophie’s background
18:20 - Love Intently’s beginnings
25:00 - The rest of Love Intently’s journey
29:00 - What do people get out of Love Intently?
33:00 - The science behind Love Intently
42:00 - Who is Love Intently for?
44:00 - Final Thoughts