Marriage Helper saves marriages and strengthens families

Meet Kim Beam Holmes, CEO of Marriage Helper. 

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Kimberly Holmes, CEO of Marriage Helper, knows a thing or two about divorce and reconciliation - she was born after her parents divorced and remarried… each other! They used that experience to create Marriage Helper, a series of workshops to help couples headed for divorce, and now Kimberly is following in their footsteps, to great success. Over 250,000 people have gone through Marriage Helper and 3 out of 4 couples end up reconciling after the experience! As Kimberly says their mission is “saving marriages and strengthening families.”

Join us as we discuss some of the secrets to Marriage Helper’s success - did you know there are more types of attraction than just physical? - to tips from Kimberly on balancing being in a relationship with being a wife. You’ll even get some insight as to why Marriage Helper doesn’t work for that last couple!


In this podcast, Sophie and Kimberly discuss…

  • Kimberly’s background, as well as her family’s background in studying relationships and creating Marriage Helper.

  • What sets Marriage Helper apart from other relationship repair services - it’s not a traditional counselling set-up.

  • The amazing transformations men and women go through using Marriage Helper, both as individuals and as couples.

  • PIES - the four types of attraction - physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual.

  • The four stages of falling in love - attraction, acceptance, attachment and aspiration.

  • Balancing being a businesswoman with being a good wife and healthy human - it’s not about doing it all!

  • The future of Marriage Helper - marriage coaching and more!


  • “You don’t have to have all of the answers right now.” -Kimberly Holmes

  • “There are very little things in life that are actually an emergency.” -Kimberly Holmes

  • “Being intentional in my marriage means that I’m going to do the things for him that I know he loves and appreciates, that I either don’t want to do or wouldn’t naturally think of doing. It’s a very selfless type of love.” -Kimberly Holmes

  • “It changes everything when you’re able to forgive.” -Kimberly Holmes

  • “What’s actually going to take you further faster is surrounding yourself with people who are smarter than you, who care about you, and who you can go to when you have an issue.” -Kimberly Holmes

  • “There’s a four-step process that if you follow, you’re going to fall in love whether you mean to or not, and if you vacate or violate this process, you’re going to fall out of love whether you mean to or not.” -Kimberly Holmes

  • “When couples start having a shared goal the little fights that you have on a day to day basis, don’t matter as much because they really aren’t getting you closer to that goal.” -Kimberly Holmes

Kimberly and her family 

Kimberly and her family 


1:10 - Introductions
6:00 - What sets Marriage Helper apart
9:19 - The transformations couples undergo with Marriage Helper
12:30 - Major principles Marriage Helper follows
16:27 - Tools for couples looking to set shared goals
21:18 - Being a woman in business
24:55 - Things Kimberly wishes she knew 8 years ago
30:48 - The future of Marriage Helper
35:05 - A common factor in couples who don't thrive

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