Online dating sucks until it doesn't with Brett + BT Harman


BT and Brett were "late bloomers" in the dating game. BT and Brett grew up knowing they were attracted to the same sex at a very young age. However, coming from a conservative Christian background, they believed their whole life that they would never have the opportunity to be married. On this episode, they share their journey to swiping right on each other (on Tinder) to where they are now.

You might know BT as Brett Trapp from Blue Babies Pink both a written series and podcast on his southern coming out story. Since releasing this series, he has had 1 million downloads to date. Since then he swiped right on his now Husband, Brett. Yes, they had the same first name, when they got married BT decided to change his name and to take on his husband's last name, Harman.

Currently, BT is a Freelance Creative Strategist, and Brett is a producer at CNN. This episode they dive into navigating the online dating world for the first time in their adult life and their journey to finding each other.

“The person who is right always apologizes first.” Brett Harman


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