What you don't see on Instagram with influencers Sarah and Hunter Lawrence


Hunter caught Sarah’s eye first when they were 12 and she would sneakily find ways to spend more time with him….for instance she signed up to be a soccer trainer on his soccer team. Did we mention, she didn’t know much about soccer?? :P Then Sarah started dating his best friends, and Hunter realized…

“Oh shoot, she’s not going to wait around forever…”

Finally, when they were 17, they became official. Hunter knew Sarah was going to be more than just a girlfriend when he decided to attend the University of Texas with her.

They grew up together and some where along the way, Hunter picked up a camera and never put it down. He started with weddings and as his craft grew, one day by accident on a whim, they became overnight Instagram influencers because of a random trip to Canada and a photo of their beloved pup, Aspen. They share the details behind this story of building a following of close to half a million followers on this podcast episode. Since then, they have been featured in National Geographic, CNN, Instyle, Mashable, and People to name a few.

Contrary to popular belief, it has not been a quick journey to becoming full time content creators and story tellers. It took them almost five years of hard work and intentionally treating their business, like a business to go full time on The Lawrence House. Sarah and Hunter share the details of their journey of becoming full time story tellers in both domestic and international locations through photography, film, writing, and experience curation.

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Staying connected while building a stainable business together hasn’t always been easy. They share their practicals on what’s worked for them and how they draw boundaries to leave room for their marriage to thrive. Hunter and Sarah are extremely intentional about the life they want to build for their future kids. They have pretty different personality types so we talk through the enneagram and how they have leveraged it to better understand each other.

“I came into marriage thinking everything would be 50/50 but that’s not what marriage is about. There are things he’s better at and I’m better at.”

They are the perfect balance of creative and adventurous. Despite knowing each other since they were twelve, they have both put in the work time and time again to get where they are today in their marriage. They share their journey through counseling and what a great love story means to them.

“When you get married you marry 5 different people. We change. We evolve. I’ve seen your crap, I’ve seen you thrive, and I’m not going anywhere.”

Hunter and Sarah talk about how they build proper boundaries and give themselves permission to have life outside of work. It can be a double edge sword, as they make a living using Instagram as a platform to front their business but giving it so much of their time it can be all consuming, thus making them less able to run the business well.

“I don’t want to look back and realize my relationship was Sarah was seen through an iPhone. If you give it enough attention, it will consume your life.”



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