5 easy ways to be more supportive in relationships

Giving one another support and encouragement are amazing ways to love each other. However, with the grind of everyday life it's pretty easy to forget to show appreciation to the ones we care most about. Here are five tangible ways you can show your support to someone you care about. 

1. Ask. 
Communication is where strong relationships begin. It's impossible to have a healthy strong relationship without good communication. You aren't a mind reader so a healthy habit to develop is to simply ask.

Here are a couple great example questions you could ask. 
"How can I support you this week?"
"Is there anything I could do to make your week or day better?"
"I know this is a crazy week for you, is there anything I can do at home that would make the week a little easier for you?

2. Leave a sweet note or send them an encouraging text
It doesn't have to be a long winded note, but the fact that you took 30 seconds to do so will mean a lot to them. Here a few ideas of things you could write or text them.
"Wanted to tell you I'm glad you're my [husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend]. I really appreciate you for ______" 
"Hey Babe, I'm super proud of you for _____"
"Just wanted to say you're [beautiful, handsome, spectacular, incredible]. Hope you're having a great day!"

3. Just be there. 
A common occurrence that causes frustration and fights is unsolicited advice. If your partner is venting, they might not actually want advice. Often times, the most important and effective thing is to simply be there. It might be hard to hold back your advice because you want to help them. However, giving your partner the space to come to their own solutions is important for their personal development. If they lash out at you for trying to help, try not to take it too personally. If they want your advice they'll ask what you think they should do. Lastly, when you don't have the right words, don't worry, your presence is enough. 

A great question to ask is "I'm sorry that happened, what's the best way I can support you now?"

4. Compliment them in front of friends. 
A great way to show your support to your partner is complementing them in front of other people. People who have words of affirmation as a love language will cherish these moments because you appreciate them enough to tell others about it. Think about all of your favorite books, tv shows, restaurants, or travel locations, you've probably raved about them to someone recently. However, beware, couples who post too much about themselves publicly often reflect an insecurity. 

5. Join them. 
Are they trying to get healthy after the holidays? Are they trying to start a business? Are they trying to save money by cooking more? Is there anyway you can join them in their goals? Supporting each other in your goals is a great way to bond together. It's likely beneficial for you too and you'll grow closer when you tackle something together. 

What other ways do you and your partner support each other? Let us know in the comments below! 


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