A Beautiful Story of Adoption, Dreamers, and Marriage with Heather and Aaron Hale

Episode 10 with Heather and Aaron Hale


Heather and Aaron Hale are an inspirational couple - not only are they following their dreams as creatives (Heather is a designer, creative director at May Designs and Aaron is a musician, producer, actor, and more) - but they’ve also experienced the strenuous adoption process and are now raising two children. Though the path they took to get to where they are today wasn’t exactly a smooth one, they tackle their problems with a positive attitude and admirable openness - Heather kept a blog throughout the entire adoption process. They are truly relationship goals!

Join us as we talk about about the beauty and difficulty in still pursuing their dreams while raising two beautiful boys, fitting outside of gender norms, and the truth behind adoption.

In this podcast, Sophie, Heather and Aaron discuss…

  • Dating someone following a different life path - Heather has known what she wanted to do since kindergarten, and Aaron has been chasing his curiosity

  • The first date that started it all - dinner, Christmas lights and a dive bar

  • How having strict expectations about who your perfect partner is can keep you from finding “the one”

  • The challenges of following your dreams while raising children.

  • The way their artistic talents complement one another

  • How they stay connected despite all the craziness in life. Weekly date nights don’t work with a schedule like theirs, but anniversary trips are a must in their relationship!

  • The adoption process, and how it turned them into parents before they even met the child

  • How a dream Heather had about Arthur, their child, ended up coming true

  • How adopting a child can be a heartbreaking process

  • The importance of understanding how to let go when it comes to adopting and raising children



5:00 - Introductions

14:40 - How Heather and Aaron knew that they had found “the one”

25:40 - The challenges of supporting your partner’s dreams, especially when you have children to consider

30:30 - Competing and celebrating victories together as creatives

32:25 - How Heather and Aaron work to stay connected

38:00 - Volunteering in Tanzania, the adoption process and meeting Arthur for the first time

51:30 - Advice for handling the difficulty of the adoption process