Shruthi and Hank accidentally fell in love and soon realized it was the plan all along

Episode 11 with Shruthi and Hank

Shruthi and Hank had clear intentions when they met: a relationship with someone that could result in a lifelong partnership. They just didn’t know they wanted it with each other. For the duration of Shruthi’s college mission trip to India, they shared stories, puns and the occasional deep conversation. After getting to know one another without the pressure of trying to impress a possible partner, they realized an authentic connection beyond friendship. For a first generation Indian American and a native Texan, recognizing and overcoming cultural differences became necessary and eventually second nature in their beginnings as a couple. This first year built the foundation on which their perspective on healthy conflict and resolution was built.

After four years of partnership, Shruthi and Hank tied the knot and immediately moved to London where they began their married life together. The Parkers share with Sophie how their devotion to communication, harmony, and one another led to the realization of the life they’d imagined before they even met. They share honestly on the journey they have been on to create a thriving marriage and what millennial’s like to call, relationship goals.

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In this Podcast, Sophie, Hank and Shruthi Discuss:

  • Conflict as a Learning Opportunity: The Foundation of a Fortified Partnership

  • Negotiating communication and family as a couple from different cultural backgrounds

  • How their faith and prayer have sustained them times of joy and hardship

  • Adventure in moving to London as a newly married couple

Time Stamps

5:56 - Introductions

11:13 - How do Shruthi and Hank navigate their different cultural backgrounds as a couple?

14:00 - Shruthi and Hank’s families responses to their dating someone from a different backgrounds

18:00 - Conflict, Empathy and Introducing Prayer in Moments of Anger

23:00 - Shruthi discovers her faith

35:00 - Shruthi and Hank share their sources of marriage inspiration

38:00 - “Pick up and move!”

46:00 - Living life as a public couple

51:00 - The origin of The Honest Shruth, Shruthi’s blog & supporting one’s partner in their work

57:00 - Hank and Shruthi share their favorite things about one another

60:08 - “Standards high! Fears low!”

60:09 - Best relationship advice the Parkers have ever received

60:13 - What does loving intently mean to you?

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