Taking Marriage in Tandem with Brad and Tami Miller

Episode 11 with Brad and Tami Miller

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Brad and Tami Miller, authors of Ready to Surrender (p.s. you can get this for $2 using code “LOVE INTENTLY”) and brains behind Tandem Marriage, are experts on staying married while going up against seemingly impossible odds. Between their immediate families, there are 13 divorces - not exactly a good model for a healthy marriage. Brad and Tami knew that they would need to look elsewhere to learn how to stay married - and now, they’re sharing their knowledge with others, both through a marriage counseling business and their new book, the first in a series of relationship advice books they plan to write.

We discuss everything from tandem bicycles, personality quizzes and the highs and low points in Brad and Tami’s relationship and marriage. You’ll even get to hear the best relationship advice they ever received - from complete strangers!

In this podcast, Sophie, Brad and Tami discuss…

  • The story behind Tandem Marriage and the significance of a tandem bike in their relationship.

  • Tips on separating an argument at the moment from old wounds that are being reopened.

  • How sometimes, both partner’s can be right during an argument.

  • The importance of mentorship in marriage. Mentorship isn’t just for business! They share their approach to find good mentors.

  • How they have opposite personalities on every personality typing system and communication styles but how they have made it work through their differences. Opposites can attract.

  • The importance of not making divorce an option even though they both come from divorced homes.

  • The best books for newly married couples to read to build a strong foundation for their marriage

  • The best relationship advice Brad and Tami have ever received


  • Brad + Tami Miller’s Book Ready to Surrender (p.s. you can get this for $2 using code “LOVE INTENTLY”)

  • http://tandemmarriage.com/

  • https://www.instagram.com/tandemmarriage/

  • https://www.facebook.com/tandemmarriage/

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5:50 - Introductions

10:50 - Discussing the harder points of marriage over 33 years and how to move past it.

13:50 - How to identify and move past old wounds being triggered during an argument

18:40 - Background takeaways from Tandem Marriage

24:00 - How to find marriage mentors

30:00 - Brad and Tami’s different personalities types and how they have learned to work with and love their differences.

35:00 - Brad and Tami share their favorite things about each other

38:00 - How to make divorce not an option even though it was the norm in their families (13 divorces in their families between the both of them!)

42:00 - Brad and Tami share their favorite books and marriage conferences

45:00 - What Brad and Tami are currently working on

49:00 - The difference between couples that make it work with counselling and the couples that don’t- Tami can tell within the first 3 meetings whether or not a couple will make it.

51:00 - The best relationship advice Brad and Tami have ever received

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