Live a Great Love Story with Kelly and Lou

Episode 12 with Kelly and Lou from Live a Great Story

Lou and Kelly

As college wound down, the last thing Kelly and Lou thought they’d want is a relationship. Lou was moving to San Diego and six months later, Kelly decided to follow, moving in with him. Not long after that, they decided to break up as things got hard between them. Lou was a “frat bro” with drugs and partying until a life changing moment. Within four days he decided to quit his job to pursue a higher calling. People called Kelly frantically thinking he was going to end his life, and within 24 hours they found themselves engaged. You don’t want to miss their version of this.

Lou and Kelly have certainly had their fair share of nontraditional milestones. Join us this week as Lou and Kelly share their unique story, their advice for building the life you dream of, and their recipe for individual growth within a relationship.

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Time Stamps:

2:22 - How did Kelly and Lou meet?

9:18 - How they got to where they are today

13:29 - Their proposal story, broken up to engaged within a day!

25:35 - Tools and advice for maintaining a relationship

31:24 - Kelly and Lou open up about confronting some conflicts since their engagement

36:35 - What is the mission of Live A Great Story?

43:24 - What does it mean to live a great story?

49:55 - Helping one another move through difficult times

52:05 - Living a Great Love Story

58:04 - The best relationship advice Lou and Kelly have received

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In this Podcast, Sophie, Kelly, and Lou discuss:

  • One of the most romantic, cinematic engagement stories you’ll hear this year.

  • The difference between confidence and courage.

  • Benefits of spending time apart and space in a healthy relationship

  • Moving Through It: What it is and how you do it

  • How you too can Live A Great Story