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Protecting your relationship through the things you consume

On this episode, Chad and Ameerah talk both heart and practicals on how they’ve supported each other’s careers. They share what they’re dreaming and working towards. Adding kids to the mix can make entrepreneurship tricky, but they share some practicals on how they make it work. They share how they create healthy boundaries to the content they protect their space and the things they consume. They both met through serving in the military but their love story is rooted in their deep genuine friendship. Talk about relationship goals.

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A Beautiful Story of Adoption, Dreamers, and Marriage with Heather and Aaron Hale

Heather and Aaron Hale are an inspirational couple - not only are they following their dreams as creatives (Heather is a designer, creative director at May Designs and Aaron is a musician, producer, actor, and more) - but they’ve also experienced the strenuous adoption process and are now raising two children. Though the path they took to get to where they are today wasn’t exactly a smooth one, they tackle their problems with a positive attitude and admirable openness - Heather kept a blog throughout the entire adoption process. They are truly relationship goals!

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Lovespiration from Mike & Brandy
How Emotional Intelligence in Men Affects Relationships
How is texting affecting your relationships?
After 36 years together Brad + Tami navigate marriage in tandem
How a simple cup of coffee in the morning can strengthen your relationship

There is lots of advice on the ideal morning routine, whether it’s important to work out, eat a balanced breakfast or read an inspirational book to start your day. But, have you ever thought about including your spouse in your morning routine?

Starting your day with the person you love can do more than make your day better, it can strengthen your relationship. Here are some ideas that are easy ways to incorporate your spouse into your morning routine

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Lovespiration from JB+ Erin
Lovespiration From the Dreamers + Doers: Lauren + Dave