How a simple cup of coffee in the morning can strengthen your relationship


There is lots of advice on the ideal morning routine, whether it’s important to work out, eat a balanced breakfast or read an inspirational book to start your day. But, have you ever thought about including your partner in your morning routine?

Starting your day with the person you love can do more than make your day better, it can strengthen your relationship. Here are some ideas that are easy ways to incorporate your partner into your morning routine:

Share a cup of coffee

Sit down (actually sit down) and enjoy a cup of coffee together. Talk through your plans for the day, who you will see and what you will do. This is a great time discuss your evening plans. Even if it’s just for five minutes at your kitchen table, starting the day with minutes of undivided attention to one another, aka don’t check your email or scroll through Instagram, can serve as a small way to say I care about you and I want to start my day with you.

Work Out

Go for a run or walk. Releasing endorphins together as you prepare for a long day at work gives you something to bond over and can serve as extra time together. The fresh air of a walk or the intensity of a circuit workout will give you a two for one. You’re exercising and spending quality time with your spouse. It’s a win, win, even if it's only on the weekends!

Slow Weekend Mornings

It’s Sunday morning, you wake up slowly to the smell of coffee brewing and you roll over to see a steaming hot cup placed right on your bedside table.
Dreams really do come true. Your sweet partner delivered that cup of goodness as a Sunday morning love note. It’s the little things that seem to remind us of how much we care for someone. Remember this when you wake up and have nothing planned for a Saturday, savor this time together! Even if ultimately it's catching up on your favorite Netflix binge watch.

Cook and Eat Breakfast

It doesn’t have to be a four-course brunch but scramble some eggs, pop some bread in the toaster and sit down with your boo and actually eat breakfast for once, not sitting at our desk. Maybe you even make a new routine and you swap who’s responsible for breakfast each morning? Or maybe you just make a point of eating breakfast together once a week, on Fridays.  Either way, give yourself room to talk and spend time with your spouse before you take off for the day.

Morning routines are key for setting the tone for your day and they can also be a new way to spend quality time with your spouse. Morning coffee and breakfast routines can take on a whole new role.

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Photos by Aaron Hulbert

Photos by Aaron Hulbert