Protecting your relationship through the things you consume

with Chad and Ameerah, Founder of Brunch and Slay

Ameerah is the brains and grit behind Brunch and Slay, a lifestyle company helping women and brands forge life-long relationships and partnerships. They offer courses, content, and experiences to help women build and win. They have worked with incredible brands including Soul Cycle, Microsoft, Kendra Scott, and Kroger.

On this episode, Chad and Ameerah talk both heart and practicals on how they’ve supported each other’s careers. They share what they’re dreaming and working towards. Adding kids to the mix can make entrepreneurship tricky, but they share some practicals on how they make it work. They share how they create healthy boundaries to the content they consume and how they protect their space. They both met through serving in the military but their love story is rooted in their deep genuine friendship.


In this episode we discuss:

  • How they met

  • The secret to balancing a kid, marriage, and business

  • How they get their daughter on a schedule

  • The only thing they fight about when working together

  • How they protect their space and boundaries, creating their own bubble, and their own normal

  • How they stay connected

  • Plans for Brunch and Slay and their family

  • What it means to Love Intently