Impacts of Pornography on Intimacy and Relationships

with Clay Olsen from Fight the New Drug

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Clay Olsen was on a date when he first met his wife. Captivated by her presence and beauty, he convinces a friend to hack the school system to get her number and email… and that’s just the beginning!

Clay Olsen is also the founder of Fight the New Drug, an organization devoted to educating our generation the impacts of pornography neurologically, emotionally, and globally.

Love Intently stands strongly against human trafficking and domestic violence systemically. 88% of the most popular scenes in porn has physical, aggression or verbal harm towards women. Join us as we discuss how porn is shaping the way we view women, love, and intimacy.

To Clay, Love is focus: giving people our time and attention and ultimately our focus.

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In this podcast episode, Sophie and Clay discuss

7:30 Clay's crazy story of meeting his wife to their first date. (He gets a friend to hack their college system to get her email/number!!)

10:00 Introductions behind Fight the New Drug

19:00 88% of the most popular scenes in porn has physical aggression or verbal harm towards women. How is it shaping the way we view woman, love, and intimacy?

20:00 - how or if pornography impacts men and women differently

22:00 Pornography and the ties to the Me Too movement, blurring lines of consent.

28:00 How pornography has impacted the increase in sexual dysfunction as pornography has become more easily accessible.

32:00 How does one define a porn addiction?

36:00 What to do if you or a loved one has a porn addiction?

42:00 How to confront your partner in a non-shaming way if their pornography consumption is impacting your intimacy together.

50:00 His thoughts on ethical porn and their stance to increase awareness and education around pornography to decrease demand