9 Year Age Gap and the Secret to Making a Difference, Get Weird With CJ + Kelly Casciotta

Uniquely Matched with CJ + Kelly Casciotta

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“I feel super, super blessed everyday that I married someone who is up for the adventure,” says CJ Casciotta of his wife Kelly. When CJ, speaker and author of Get Weird: Discover the Surprising Secret to Making a Difference, appeared on writer Kelly’s porch as the only stranger in a group of friends, they couldn’t possibly have foreseen the path that lay ahead of them. A year later, they found themselves on that very same porch as CJ proposed lifelong partnership. Since then, CJ and Kelly have been discovering and embracing their weird through the joys and hardships of marriage, entrepreneurship and parenthood.

Join us this week as CJ and Kelly share the fears of their early relationship, the bravery, faith and love that helped them overcome it and how discovering and utilizing your unique weird may just be the secret to becoming a better leader, partner and parent.

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Time Stamps:

6:10 - Introduction & A Fateful Meeting on a Porch

11:00 - A First Date

14:00 - The Lost Decade & “Uniquely Matched”: CJ and Kelly discuss their 9 year age gap

19:00 - Praying Through Doubt

23:00 - How did the concept of Owning Your Weird and Weird Thinking come about? What does being weird mean to CJ?

28:00 - How has owning your weird and weird thinking impacted the Casciotta’s marriage?

39:00 - The Casciotta’s let Sophie and our listeners in on the intimate struggle of grieving a miscarriage

47:00 - CJ and Kelly share the restorative power of a changing one’s scenery and mixing structure and spontaneity

49:00 - The Casciotta’s give us their insight on pursuing one’s dreams in the midst of parenthood and marriage and the importance of trusting your God and one’s partner.

54:00 - Embracing Weird as a parent

59:00 - The Casociotta’s impart the best relationship advice they’ve ever received

1:01 - What does loving intently mean to you


In this Podcast, Sophie, CJ and Kelly Discuss:

  • Welcoming the uniqueness of you and your story as central to your value and your path.

  • How our sacred responsibility to love ourselves strengthens us as individuals and partners.

  • The juxtaposition of fear and doubt with love and faith in love, business and God.

  • A moment of divine meaning while grieving the loss of an unborn child.

  • Finding what structure (or lack of structure) works to ground you and your partner.